Who is Digital Cheddar?

We’re a lean and hungry digital advertising agency. Founded in 2014 by Todd Riegler as a solo venture, the company has grown consistently since then.  However, the goal is not to be a 100 person agency, rather to stay lean and fully connected with all of our clients.  Fun fact about the name:  Digital Cheddar basically means digital money, but the Cheddar part of the name is an homage to The Cheese Lady, a group of Woman-Owned cheese shop franchises in Michigan founded by Todd’s mother and run by both of his parents.  Shout out to Kathleen and John.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is based on our awareness that we don’t know everything 

While we have an enormous amount of experience running successful campaigns, this isn’t a copy and paste industry.  What works for one company may not work with another.  We set up every marketing initiative using best practices and with clear, agreed upon expectations.  Then, we meticulously measure results and make adjustments. We move towards what’s working well and away from what isn’t.  Seems simple.

Our Awesome Team

Todd Riegler

Todd Riegler

Founder & CEO, Paid Search Specialist

Todd has been in marketing for most of his adult life. His background in sales, sales management, and as a digital marketing specialist has proven to be a great springboard into owning and operating his own agency.  He’s also hilarious.  He wrote this bio by himself.  #GetThatCheddar 

Kim Peavler

Kim Peavler

Director Social Media and Content

Kim is a Marketing Professional with a passion for helping others reach their business goals through creative strategies. She’s been with Digital Cheddar for 5 years, serving as the expert in paid social media. She has robust knowledge in all of the top social media platforms and uses her skills to help clients succeed.

Brooke Ritter

Brooke Ritter

Social Media Strategist

Brooke uses her background in Graphic Design and Communication to develop creative content ideas, compelling copy, and eye-catching visuals. She strives to create content that resonates with the target audience. By keeping a close eye on the latest digital marketing trends and leveraging data-driven insights, she ensures our clients’ social media presence stays ahead of the curve.

Our Promises

We do things a little differently than most advertising / marketing agencies, and you’re going to like it.


We don’t charge margin on our media buys.  Most agencies take a percentage of your media buy, which gives them a motive to suggest spending more money, even if it’s not the right thing to do.  We provide 24/7 dashboard access that will show the exact amount you’re spending, where and how it’s being spent, and the results of that spend. Our fees are completely separate and based on the actual work being performed.


I, Todd Macdonald Riegler, am personally accountable for every piece of work for every client.  I either do the work myself, or it’s done by Kim Peavler or Brooke Ritter.  Every client has our personal email  addresses and cell numbers.


We’re not just order takers. Every marketing endeavor should have a desired outcome.  If we don’t believe the tactics you’d like to employ will get you what you want, we’re going to tell you.  If we’ve suggested tactics that have been given time to work but are underperforming, we’ll address that head-on and pivot.  We set clear expectations and goals and celebrate victories.