Increasing ROAS Through Meta Ads

TerraCycle, Zero Waste Box

TerraCycle, an international recycling company, approached us with a challenge – to elevate their paid social strategy and boost Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for their Zero Waste Box division.

Our client faced challenges within the Meta Ads platform, prompting the need for a fresh approach to capture the audience’s attention and drive trackable conversions.

Recognizing the potential of Meta Ads and it’s ever-changing landscape – we’ve consistently achieved our clients’ ROAS goals in multiple countries, while also exploring new platform features and acquiring valuable insights.

These guys are awesome! We made them our de facto marketing department on a business that had been declining for multiple years in row, and now sales are growing again. Particular strengths in paid media, especially Google and Facebook/Instagram, as well as email marketing.

John P.

Head of Customer Marketing, TerraCycle


Increase in ROAS from shoppable ads


increase in paid social conversions in the Australia market

New markets implementing Meta Ads


Shoppable Ads


Audience Segmentation


Dynamic Ad Testing


Paid Media Managed for Multiple Countries


Half a Million Dollars in Paid Media Bought

Shoppable Ads:
We strategically integrated Shoppable Catalog Ads on Meta, transforming static images into an interactive shopping experience through website integrations. We implemented dynamic product recommendations based on user behavior and preferences. This tailoring of content resulted in a more engaging shopping experience, significantly increasing ROAS and gathering retargeting data.

Audience Segmentation:
Through meticulous audience segmentation, we identified and reached the most valuable customer segments – prospecting by interests and demographics, prospecting by platform behavior and engagement, retargeting by website actions and customer data and creating lookalike audiences based on all of the above.

Dynamic Ad Testing
The digital landscape evolves rapidly. To stay ahead, we’ve implemented dynamic ad testing – creative, copy, headlines, CTAs and more – optimizing campaigns and ads based on real-time data.


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